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    Guarantee of forgings

    It is clearly defined that all bearing forgings must be purchased from large or famous forgings factories. The forgings sourced from outside are examined by our quality department.Only qualified forgings are tempered and quenched in order to achieve required hardness.After heat treatment,the forgings are ultrasonically detected to ensure that there are no flaws.

    At last,colored detection is carried out to check the microstructure of the material.


    Selection and Design

    We can provide bearing type selection and design according to your specific requirements.

    Real-time follow-up

    From raw material procurement to finished product delivery, documented product quality control, factory real-time follow-up

    Complete range

    Various kinds of bearings, including large, super-large turntable bearings, precision cross-roller bearings, thin-walled bearings, precision angular contact ball bearings, ceramic ball bearings, steel wire raceway bearings, joint bearings, etc., have complete accuracy grades.

    High quality and low price

    Because there are factories, we can provide high quality products and guarantee low prices.